NTC Discontinuing Two Programs

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

Students planning to attend Northcentral Technical College may have two less programs to choose from next year. The Board of Trustees has already taken steps to discontinue the laser and emergency dispatch programs. Both have been placed on the college's "least effective" program list.

"Usually in the case of a least effective program is that for some reason the program is not meeting the needs in our district," said Janet Newman, Vice President of Learning. "It's not a responsible use of tax dollars to be training individuals who are going to work somewhere else."

Of the 154 graduates of NTC's Laser program, only nine have gotten jobs in Northcentral Wisconsin, and only 16 have found employment within the state of Wisconsin.

The Emergency Dispatch Program will continue to offer classes for those already in the field, but will no longer certify students. The college says there is very little incentive for students to get certified, because it is not required by departments in the area.

Additionally, students who have earned their certification are not offered higher salaries than employees who have not been through a formal training program.

The Board of Trustees at NTC will hold one more meeting on Feb. 26, before making it's final decision to discontinue the programs.

The students that are pursuing those degrees now, will be allowed to finish, but the college says the resources being devoted to them might be better used elsewhere.