Special Buddy Check 7 Report: Deanna Favre's Story

By: Susan Ramsett
By: Susan Ramsett

For years Packer fans have caught glimpses of Deanna Favre on the sidelines cheering on her quarterback husband, but these days she's front and center in the fight against breast cancer.

"I still think about last year at this time, how sick I was. I still have a lot of memories, and things trigger those memories," Deanna says.

To say it's been a difficult year for the Favre family is a huge understatement. In the months before Deanna discovered a cancerous lump in her breast, Brett's father died of a heart attack and Deanna's brother was killed in an ATV accident.

"It always puts things in perspective when something happens in your life. I mean, we lost his dad, we lost my brother, the cancer. It makes you realize what's really important."

Deanna says she's often wondered about God's plan for her life. Now she's convinced joining the fight against breast cancer is part of that calling.

"I have severe stage fright, yet I've been on a stage speaking to thousands of people. That's something I would never choose to do, but I've been confident and able to do it. I'm in a position to do that, and so I just definitely felt like it was a calling for me, and one I need to answer."

Part of Deanna's message is how extremely important it is to examine your breasts regularly. She says those self-exams probably saved her life.

"I was only 35 at the time. If I hadn't done self-exams, I wouldn't have had a mammogram until I was 40. It may have been too late."

Deanna is committed to doing whatever she can to help wipe out breast cancer for good. She hopes that will happen before her girls ever have to worry about it.

"Every day I think their chance is greater because I have breast cancer, so it's a concern. I think it will always be a concern."

I asked Deanna what she hopes her daughters have learned from her experience.

She says, "That message of faith can conquer a lot of things will be passed to them. I've always had a passion for helping other people and I was in a situation at one time where I was a single mom and I haven't always had everything handed to me, and that's a lesson that I try to teach them. They can be as generous and compassionate to those people and always lend a hand."

Visit their foundation at www.favrefoundationgear.com, and for more information, e-mail info@deannafavrecenter.org.