Wind Chill Keeps Kids Inside for Recess

The kids at Riverview Elementary in Wausau didn't go outside for recess Tuesday.

With the wind chill at 15 below zero, Principal Steven Miller decided to let the kids play games inside.

The Wausau School District doesn't have a policy on when schools should keep kids inside. Temperatures can vary throughout the district, so each school makes that call on their own.

At Riverview, any time the wind chill is below zero, the kids will most likely be inside. But even after a few days of cold temps, Principal Miller is likely to get the kids outside for a few minutes.

Otherwise, he says, the kids and the teachers start to go a little stir crazy. Extended Web Coverage

What is Frostbite?

  • Frostbite is the freezing of the skin and/or the bodily tissues under the skin.

  • The fluids in the body tissues and cellular spaces freeze and crystallize. This can cause damage to the blood vessels and result in blood clotting and lack of oxygen to the affected area.

What Causes Frostbite to Occur?

  • Frostbite is caused by exposure of the body to cold, and several factors can contribute to its development;
    • Length of time a person is exposed to the cold

    • Temperature outside

    • Force of the wind (windchill factor)

    • Humidity in the air

    • Wetness of clothing, shoes, and body coverings

    • Ingestion of alcohol and other drugs

    • High altitudes

    How To Prevent Frostbite

    • Proper clothing for winter weather insulates from the cold, lets perspiration evaporate, and provides protection against wind, rain, and snow.

    • Coverings for the head and neck are important. Hats, hoods, scarves, earmuffs, and face masks all add up to good protection.

    • Protect you feet and toes. Wear two pairs of socks (wool is best, or cotton socks with a pair of wool on top)

    • Hand coverings are vital. Mittens are warmer than gloves, but may limit what you can do with your fingers. Wear lightweight gloves under mittens so you will have protection if you take off your mittens to use your fingers.

    • When in frostbite-causing conditions, remember to dress appropriately, stay near adequate shelter, avoid alcohol and tobacco, and avoid remaining in the same position for long periods.

    Frostbite can be a serious, disabling condition. Use your head! Keep safety in mind when traveling in cold weather, during winter sports participation and when out and about during the frigid winter months

    Source: (McKinley Health Center Web Site about Frostbite)