Betting on a Payoff

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

Workers at a local gas station in Wausau said Saturday sales were hot all day.

And people have different ideas about how they might spend the money that they are confident they’ll win.

"Oh, I think I'd give a bit to the church and a lot to myself," said Rich Grunewald with a big smile.

"The first thing I'd do is pay off my kids' college debts," Kerry Krueger said.

"I'd buy my parents' mortgage," said Cheri Albright.

A lot of people said they know one thing they'd do if they won the $215 million jackpot.

"I'd probably take a really, really long vacation someplace warm," Albright said about the second thing she would most likely do.

"I'd take a trip south with my wife." Dave Klueber said.

"First you have to win it [the jackpot]", said Wally Streich, not betting on the outcome.

Others are putting their money down on some positive thinking.

"This is the winning ticket right here," said Grunewald, holding up his ticket. "So if you want to touch it, do so in advance."