Police Investigate Strange Animal Cruelty Case

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

Police are investigating a disturbing case of animal cruelty in Wood County.

The Thompson family dog ran off on the afternoon of New Year's Eve. About seven hours later, they found their dog Stanley on their porch.

When they opened the door to let him in, the 11-month-old puppy crawled inside. That's when they noticed that there was duct tape on all four of his legs, and he had a deep cut on his left-rear leg.

"They were duct taped. Like all four of them were duct-taped together," said one of the owners.

"I came in probably a quarter to 12 on New Year's Eve examined the dog, and very, very strange circumstance. He had a very large long laceration on its rear leg," said Dr. Wickersham, Veterinarian.

Dr. Wickersham says the cut probably happened when the dog chewed through the duct tape to escape. He says the skin in that area is very thin and could have ripped.

Wickersham says the dog is healing nicely, however, and should be able to have its stitches out on Friday.