Another Veterinary Practice Burglarized

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

Burglars have hit another animal hospital in Northcentral Wisconsin. It appears to be the latest in a string of robberies at veterinary practices in the area. The thieves stole antibiotics, syringes and three controlled substances, including a drug named Ketamine.

"What we do is we use those medications to get the animal to relax," said Dr. Adam Kubica, a veterinarian at the hospital. "The Ketamine, when you inject it, it causes the heartrate in the early stages after injection. It's just like a side-effect of the drug."

Because it acts as a sedative, Ketamine has been used to commit date rape. Doctors say it can also act as a hallucinogen.

Dr. Kubica says the thieves seemed to have come in knowing what they were after. The Ketamine was kept in a locked wooden cabinet. The thieves broke the cabinet door in order to get to its contents.