Deer Baiting?

By: Associated Press
By: Associated Press

State wildlife officials want the Natural Resources Board to approve an emergency rule letting landowners bait deer in the area where Chronic Wasting Disease was first detected.

A statewide ban on baiting and feeding deer imposed last year would remain in place for the rest of Wisconsin.

Wildlife biologists believe animal-to-animal contact can help spread the disease. They argue any practice that concentrates deer together is likely to spread the disease.

Baiting is expected to make it easier for landowners and DNR sharpshooters to kill deer in larger numbers in the 411-square-mile area around Mount Horeb.

Tom Hauge is the coordinator of the state's program to try and eradicate the disease from the herd. He says the situation in the eradication zone is different from the rest of the state.

The DNR Board will consider the proposed rule Tuesday.

Hauge says the idea emerged from a series of town meetings DNR biologists held with residents and landowners in the eradication zone.