Family Speaks Out About Search for Missing Mosinee Man

By: Angela Salscheider
By: Angela Salscheider

Jeffrey Stencil, 44, of Mosinee, has been missing since late Saturday night. His wife Tammy says he called her to tell her his truck went into the median on I-39 in Rothschild and he needed her to pick him up at Cedar Creek.

Storms in Marathon County caused strong winds and blinding rains. Tammy says when she went to pick him up, he was nowhere to be found.

Jeff's niece has been working for him for nearly six years at Philly's Subs and Campus Pub in Wausau. She says he never would have intentionally vanished.

"He definitely wouldn't have just left us," said April Stencil, 20, of Wausau.

"I truly believe he's still there; he just needs our help in finding wherever he is."

Monday, authorities called in the Civil Air Patrol to search for Stencil. They also put a water search team in the Wisconsin River with one of the best trained dogs in the state and with advanced sonar equipment.

"Were you to draw a circle around the accident scene, approximately a half mile radius is how far we're searching," said Lt. Fred Goch of the Marathon County Sheriff's Department.

Members of the water search team say their dog hasn't picked up the Stencil's scent on the water as of yet, but authorities say other dogs have been successful in picking up his scent on land.