Dangerously Hot for Special Olympic Athletes

By: Colleen McPartlin
By: Colleen McPartlin

Stormy weather wasn't the only concern in Central Wisconsin Friday.

Before severe weather hit it was a pretty hot and sunny one, and that could get dangerous for athletes at the Special Olympics Wisconsin State Summer Games down in Stevens Point.

That's why organizers are making sure there are water stations at every turn. There are also several tents to shade the athletes and volunteers, and if someone were to overheat, the first aid tent is equipped with a pitcher to douse anyone with a water, and the health officials just continued to remind people to take precautions.

Jan Rassbach, the coordinator for the medical department, says, "We want to make sure that the athletes are always hydrated and they're dressed properly and they have some sunscreen on."

Rassbach says the worst case scenario would be if someone suffered from heat stroke, but fortunately the hospital is close and they haven't had any cases that extreme.