U.S. Postal Service Protects Against Anthrax

By: Colleen McPartlin
By: Colleen McPartlin

We're living in an area that will soon be better equipped to keep us safe from anthrax.

The U.S. Postal Service is installing a biohazard detection system in seven locations throughout the state, including one at the Central Wisconsin Processing and Distribution Facility in Rothschild.

Right now, when envelopes push through the rollers, a contaminated one will release the anthrax into the air. The new system is designed to detect and catch the contaminated envelopes.

Postal service officials say this will keep the confidence of both the employees and the recipients.

Jeff Huntley, the emergency manager, says, "We put this system in place to make sure that we can continue to collect, deliver mail whether or not there are terrorist threats."

The machines cost $250,000 each and should all be in place by the first week in July.