Cleanup Day

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

For homeowners, downed branches are a hassle, but for tree service professionals, they're a boost to business, and if you went driving around any central Wisconsin town today, you could tell that business is booming for tree specialists.

Tuesday night's storm brought a lot of heavy winds with it, and that was bad news for some big trees in Wausau.

"They whirled and the swirled and that tree right there, it bent completely in half, and I'm like, 'oh my god, here we go!'" said Jeanette Tesch, a Wausau resident with downed branches in her yard.

After the winds stopped Tuesday night, plenty of damage was done, but according to the crews with T and E Tree Surgery, it gets a lot worse than Tuesday night's thunderstorms.

"This one hasn't been awful bad; we've had a few phone calls, but sometimes it's just crazy, you can't even keep up," Curt Buttke of T and E Tree Surgery says.

Buttke says they usually see about one or two major storms every year that require a very busy day for them to clean up.

Now how about preventing your trees from coming down on your house? Tree pros say you should check them for cracks, fungus or mold along the trunks. If any of those things are present, call in the experts to have the tree checked out.