Brewmaster's Brewery Tour

By: Carrie Hutton
By: Carrie Hutton

The Stevens Point community is proud of their brewery, one of the only original remaining breweries of the 1800s.

The Point Brewery now produces 12 brands of beer, amounting to 70,000 barrels a year. The brewing process takes about four weeks. Depending on the variety, the raw barley malt is mashed, boiled, fermented and aged until it's ready for bottling.

Head brewmaster John Zappa says the most rewarding part of his job is when he's out and hears compliments from the public about his beers.

"It's pretty hands on", says Zappa, "we add our hops at the proper time by hand and we add our grains by hand at a certain time."

Zappa says that means they may not be as efficient as the high volume breweries they compete against but the real advantage is being able to change the styles they brew and stay on top of where the beer market is headed.

1857 was the first year people tasted the beer produced at the Point Brewery and in all that time, they've never changed the way they make the original Point Special Lager. It won the brewery a Great American Beer Festival gold medal two years ago.

Zappa says, "Beating out the giants, the Heinekens, the Budweisers and the Millers was quite a tribute to our facility and the commitment by our people.”

They say word of mouth is still an important part of their business but they are unveiling a new ad later this month. You can be a part of the Rock the Brewery concert on Saturday, June 18.

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