Truth in Robinson's Story?

Deanna Zuleger Scantlin's family talked with Newschannel 7 Tuesday. They say finding Deanna's body helps bring closure to the family, but they don't believe Dale Robinson's story that Deanna's death was an accident.

"This fabrication that he [Robinson] has brought up here is strictly a fictional type of story and has nothing to do with the truth," Deanna's dad, Werner Zuleger, said.

Deanna's family says they don't believe she would have willingly gone with Robinson to have drinks at the Eau Claire Dells.

Her family says once all the facts are known, there is no doubt in their minds that Robinson will be charged with her murder.

"Justice does need to be served and once all the facts are presented and all the evidence, there is no doubt that he [Robinson] will be convicted of murder" Werner Zuleger said.

For now, the Zulegers are leaning on each other to get through this difficult time and trying to move on.

Once the state crime lab can positively identify the body found is Deanna's, her family will then prepare funeral arrangements.