Mosinee Indians Back in Playoffs

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

Many eyes in Mosinee this weekend will be on the football field.

The high school team and its fans thought the season was over after a losing to the Holman Vikings Nov. 9, but two players on the other team were ineligible to play, so they forfeited. This means the Indians move on to play against Waupaca Saturday.

The news was a rush not only to the players, but also to fans of the purple and white.

"Kids worked hard." Jason Wiegel comments. "Kids really deserve it. They worked all year for it."

"I was real excited to hear it," Beth Dahlke remembers. "I didn't even hear about it until my kids came home from school."

"I was really happy for them," Elizabeth Sitko said with a smile, "'cuz they deserve it. They really played good this year."

"I'm really excited for them." Gayle Kuklinski, clad in a purple Mosinee sweatshirt said. "I hope they go right ahead and take it all the way to Madison.

The Mosinee Indians are scheduled to face off against the Waupaca Comets Saturday at one p.m.