Road to Recovery

By: Stacy Eckes
By: Stacy Eckes

Families in our area can empathize with the devastation left after the recent tornadoes in more than a dozen states. Meanwhile, tornado victims in our area are still rebuilding after a twister came through more than two months ago.

A tornado on Labor Day uprooted hundreds of trees and knocked over tombstones at Restlawn Cemetery in Wausau. Now, after more than two months of hard work, most of the trees have been removed and memorial stones are back on their foundations.

"It's been hard on a lot of families because we've had to do things they were not accustomed to having us do. But, it's been a real positive experience and families have been very supportive," said Jeff Crownover, Director of Family Service at Restlawn Cemetery.

Crownover says he expects it will take another three years to completely restore the cemetery.