New Clinic to Open

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

Doctors at Community Health Care and Wausau Hospital say they plan to open a clinic that specializes in Integrative medicine. They say there has been a need for one in north central Wisconsin for years.

"A lot of diseases, chronic diseases, are responding very well to alternative treatment," Doctor Marcin Chwistek, who will be on staff at the new clinic, says.

Doctor Chwistek, who is currently practicing at the Merrill Medical Clinic, says the clinic would offer both standard Western medicine as well as Eastern medicine. For example, conditions like high blood pressure and hypertension is commonly treated with medication, but doctors at the Integrative clinic would be looking at other options.

"There are some other things we can do," says Chwistek. "First of all, is someone's nutrition. They might not be eating a healthy diet."

The new clinic aims to do more preventive medicine (keeping people from getting sick), as opposed to just treating people after they become ill. Doctors say they hope to have it open by January.