Local Dog a Hero

By: Karen Kostko
By: Karen Kostko

You wouldn't really know it by looking at him, but Rudy, a four-month-old Westie, is one big hero. It was only a few days ago when his quick actions saved the life of a Rudolph woman and most of the home.

"I went right to sleep, sleeping pretty well, all of a sudden he was up in my face digging at my arm," says Barb Bushmaker.

Little Rudy wouldn't let Barb sleep; that's because her house was on fire.

Barb woke up, smelled smoke and immediately opened her bedroom door. That's when she saw the flames illuminating the walls.

Fire crews responded immediately and contained the fire to one area in the house. The culprit was a wood burning stove. The warning signal, not the smoke detector, but Rudy.

"I'm convinced if he hadn't woken me up I would have just slept through it and not be here," says Barb.

Barb's house is on the mend and her bond with Rudy, unbreakable.