Bonus Battle

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

The new agreement is less, about $100,000 less, but it is still a bigger bonus than the $203,000 that Dr. Charles Skurka's contract originally called for.

At a meeting Tuesday morning, the Wausau School Board ok'd an agreement that after all the health and life insurance is added together will give Dr. Skurka about $338,000 in benefits.

Skurka says he requested the smaller amount after hearing all the public objection to his first bonus that was worth about $403,000.

"This reduction makes my retirement package, in many cases, less than packages in nearby districts and dozens of other districts throughout Wisconsin," said Skurka.

Still, not everyone is happy even with the new, smaller bonus amount.

Immediately after it was announced, some people present at the meeting started raising concerns about the new agreement, but members of the public were not allowed to ask any questions at the tightly run meeting.

School Board officials defended the new agreement saying a strong benefit package for their administrators helps them recruit other top officials down the road.

"You have to be comparable in that regard. It's a bit like getting the best players for your team," said Dr. Jeffrey Lamont, Wausau School Board President.

Lamont says they decided on the amount of Skurka's retirement bonuses after looking at what other area schools have done for their outgoing superintendents.