Candidate for Governor Stops in Wausau

By: Amanda Lutz
By: Amanda Lutz

You may not know the name Scott Walker right now, but the Republican candidate for governor hopes that changes in the next two years. On Sunday he visited the Wausau area touting his agenda and the reasons why he's the best choice for governor.

Scott Walker has a wide variety of experience in government as a nine-year member of the State Assembly and as Milwaukee County's executive.

Now he's making a run for the top office in Wisconsin and he's pretty adamant about his top goal.

"Without a doubt, people look at this state and say it's part of our theme, it's right on our sign and everything, "Walker for Governor - Lower Taxes, Higher Standards," he says.

Walker says, if elected, his number one priority will be to get property taxes under control. He feels Gov. Jim Doyle is too out of touch with Wisconsin homeowners and has broken too many promises about property taxes.

Walker says he would support a property tax freeze and even a taxpayer's bill of rights.

"Getting a handle on taxes for working families, retirees, employers, it's just too high," he says.

As Milwaukee County's executive, Walker prides himself on keeping taxes under control, reforming government, and making the business climate better and he hopes that experience will help him stand out on the ballot in 2006.

"I think if we can do that in [Milwaukee] County, where we inherited some incredible challenges, we can do that on a larger scale statewide," he says.

Walker is the only Republican candidate in the race so far. U.S. Congressman Mark Green is reportedly also interested in running, and Gov. Doyle will most likely seek a second term at the Capitol as well.