Teachers Convention Provides New Ideas

By: Colleen McPartlin
By: Colleen McPartlin

Educators from all over Central Wisconsin are now even better prepared to teach our kids. They gathered at Greenheck Fieldhouse in Weston Friday to see the latest in classroom tools and pick up a few tips from local experts.

Nearly every teacher in Central Wisconsin attended the 92nd Annual Convention to see different ways they could improve their classes. They had the opportunity to learn skills from local people like a chiropractor who revealed the four secrets to eliminating back pain.

It may not be part of the day's curriculum, but it can definitely come in handy for teachers on their free time.

Mary Denk, the chairperson of the Central Wisconsin Educators, says, "Teachers can increase their knowledge personally and professionally to make it a better year for them at school."

When the teachers were finished expanding their minds, they could expand their school supplies which were in abundance in the field house. There were books and materials on nearly every subject you can think of, which the keynote speaker says is vital to students' learning.

Dr. Hardin Coleman, the associate Dean of U.W. Madison's School of Education says, "I want to argue that you have to focus on what every kid is good at and give them opportunities to succeed and that's gonna improve your performance overall."

Coleman says the majority of 3.0 and above students are also involved in extra curricular activities, and including art and sports in the curriculum will help with the math and English.

Now with President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act, students grades third through 8th and 10th graders will have to take required English and Math tests starting next year so educators are open to ideas for improving those test scores.