A Good Scare

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

Many people like to get dressed up for Halloween, and some even like to go all out and decorate their houses. Some parents, though, say their kids have nightmares about some of the decorations they see while they're out getting candy.

A social worker in our area says parents can prepare kids for some of what they will see before they go out.

"One of the things parents can do is tell the kids that they're going to be trick or treating," said Delores Kessel, a social worker with the Adult Counseling and Child Guidance Clinic in Wausau. "They're going to be seeing people dressed in really strange clothes, and they're going to be dressed in really strange clothes, and it's kind of like the game of dress up, that a lot of kids play at home."

Kessel says relating the costumes to something less scary that kids can identify with, can make it easier for them.