110th Anniversary for the Athens Fair

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After 110 years of fun and games, not much as changed at the Athens Fair. It's still as simple as the first day it opened.

"It's somewhat unique because it's still held on the streets," said Jake Fink, co-owner of the fair, "It's in the middle of a town. Most fairs now-a-days are out in the country."

Every year, the fair is held right in the heart of Athens. "This community is overwhelmingly welcome," said Fink, "I spent a week being in people's way. You know, I'm sitting in front of the post office, the city hall and the library but my arms are almost sore from waving at everybody that waves at me."

For the people of Athens the fair is a tradition that's nearly as old as the town itself, and many consider it the last big "horrah" before the Summer ends. It all began as a one day market, and soon it blossomed into the fair you see today. There are plenty of games, rides and so much more for the whole family. And the best part? You don't have to pay anything to get in.

The Trinity Fair Stand is a town favorite, and it's been a part of the fair for more than 60 years. Kaye Natzke has been in charge of the stand for the last 15 years, and says it's the famous chili that helps them raise close to $15,000 every year.

"Our world famous chili, which draws people back to our Trinity Fair Stand every year," said Natzke, "Lots of people come back for our chili."

If you would like to take your family to the fair. You still have plenty of time. All the festivities run through Sunday.