Summary Box: Problems Caused by Giant Canada Geese Living in Wisconsin

By: Associated Press
By: Associated Press

THE PROBLEM: Wisconsin waterfowl experts estimated the state had 11,130 giant Canada geese at breeding age in 1986. That population swelled to 125,200 last spring, creating conflicts with people at golf courses, parks and other places near water and lush with grass where the geese have found homes.

SOME SOLUTIONS: Habitat modification. Fences. Scare devices. Repellants. Population management.

HUNTING: The state conducts a special early September goose hunt, targeting the resident geese as a way to control the population. During last fall's season, hunters killed 20,034 geese, or nearly 25 times more than the 842 geese shot in 1990.

QUOTE: "When we make a golf course with water hazards and mowed grass everywhere, it is a goose heaven," said Kent Van Horn, a waterfowl expert with the state Department of Natural Resources.

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