Show Us Your Shanty: Double Decker

By: Kristen Guilfoos Email
By: Kristen Guilfoos Email

We didn't have to go far to find the subject for this week's show us your shanty. It's right off Grand Avenue by the Schofield Dam. It definitely takes the phrase "unique shanty" to new heights.

Every idea has to start somewhere, and the one to design Keith Syring's cold weather hideaway came from an afternoon spent enjoying some cold beverages.

He says, "One day when we were sitting drinking some of Milwaukee's famous fluids, it was my son's idea actually. We joked that we should go up with it, just because we could. And well, this is what we ended up with."

One two story shanty, which is really three pieces Syring welded together.

"The gray part and the upstairs part are actually old Schofield Lions food stands."

Each part has it's own special features that make it unique. One room is home to the shanty's surveillance system, with cameras watching the tip up in the back, the door at the front, and the bait under the ice.

Then there's the middle, which has a table, a kitchen, and of course, the ladder that takes you to floor number two.

Keith says, "What do we do up in the upper part? You can say anything you want. That's where people smoke cigarettes. That's where we make the women stay. But basically it's just a novelty. It was just because we could."

Once you're up there on the second floor, you have to have a way to get down. That's where the fireman's pole comes in.

"When we're sitting on our lawn chairs on a nice hot sunny day, occasionally we'll get a tip up. It does make a real quick exit down. You gotta get that fish. You don't wanna miss the big one."

Once a year though, the building is less fishing shack and more social shack.

"We have one big party out here every year for Daytona. We do a rotisserie and we do a tenderloin and we bring our deep fryer out and do cheese curds and corn on the cob."

While they love to pack as many friends as they can inside, there are some people they'd prefer stay far away. That's where America's 37th President comes in.

"The reason I put Nixon in the window is i remember the famous quote 'I am not a crook!' and I don't want anybody to break in. We've got him there as our theft deterrent."

Since the very beginning he's been there standing guard, protecting the fishing oasis, making it a watergate of a very different kind.

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