North Central Wisconsin Could Affect Governor's Race

The Governor's race is tight. And a big reason comes out North Central Wisconsin.

"North Central Wisconsin is about 27% of the state. It's a big chunk of voters," Marquette University Law School Professor of Law and Public Policy Charles Franklin said. "The tightening of the race there has really helped make the race tight statewide."

A Marquette University Law School poll shows that the race is currently in a dead heat. The poll shows Scott Walker receiving 46 percent of registered voters and Democratic challenger Mary Burke receiving 45 percent support. Eight percent say that they are undecided or that they do not know whom they would support. Fewer than 1 percent say they will vote for someone else.

One of the important factors in this election could come down to the votes from those considering themselves Independents or Moderates. Professor Franklin says these voters are better represented in the North Central region.

"People who call themselves Independents or Moderates at the same time are about 19% of registered voters and about 17% of likely voters," Franklin said.

Voters in the Badger State can generally be loyal to their party affiliation, Franklin says. But there is a possibility that potential voters in the North Central region may swing, even if it's not very soon.

"They may not have yet shifted their opinions one way or another, but the potential for them to shift is, I think, is significant for a pretty decent chunk of the electorate," Franklin said.

Voters will go to the polls to decide Wisconsin's next governor on November 4th. Today's data indicates the race could go down to the wire; with the North Central region potentially playing a big role in the finish.

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