Neighboring Town Considering 'Simple Justice' Against Stevens Point

It's known as Well 11; a high capacity well used by the City of Stevens Point. Not long after it first went online in May of 2012, residents in the Town of Hull started noticing some problems.

"Within 6 months or so, people started losing their water supply," Town Chairperson John Holdridge said.

Aaron Heckel is one of the residents who lost nearly all of his water after Well 11 went online.

"We couldn't shower or cook or do anything. The water would just regenerate a little bit throughout the day," Heckel said.

The well is being blamed for lowering the water supply. Town records show that since the well was first used, almost 40 residents have either been forced to drill new, deeper wells, or experience water pressure issues. Those who chose to replace their wells say it wasn't cheap.

"The well for the house was about $5,500 and the pump for the irrigation was about $1,500. So in total it was close to $7,00 that we had to spend," Heckel said.

To recoup financial losses and hardship for the residents, the town is considering taking legal action against Stevens Point.

"We collected data from Stevens Point. Their own data. And out of that came our analysis. Our analysis is pretty clear at least to the Hall Board of Supervisors, the hydrologist and our attorneys, that Well 11 is the culprit," Holdridge said. "This is an effort to bring some simple justice to the situation. Most people can't come up with $6-7,000 to replace a well."

The City of Stevens Point declined to comment due to the threat of legal action.

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