Mount View Apartment Residents are Still Outraged

Residents of Mount View Apartments on Thomas St. thought their problems were solved when the complex's only elevator was fixed three weeks ago. But just a few weeks after the repair men left, they said it started acting funny.

"When it was up it would jerk a little bit, and then finally go up to the floor and I'm sitting there going... naa this isn't right," said April Lewis, a resident of Mount View.

Lewis has lived in the apartment complex for a little over a year now. She said about two weeks ago she went to the landlord about the shaky elevator, but nothing was done. Then days later people started getting trapped inside.

"The other day two people that were moving out had got stuck in it, and they were way on the basement. And the fire department literally had to lift them out," said Linda Drake, another resident of Mount View.

In the past eight days, residents say the Wausau Fire Department have been called on three separate occasions to help free people stuck in the elevator.

"He says that he's not gonna have it completely fixed until October," said Lewis, "And these people should not have to wait until October. They can't even go grocery shopping."

The Fire Department confirmed they were called to the apartment complex several different times. And after speaking with the department engineer, Kurt Riel, he says there's not much more they can do. It's up to the landlord to fix the problem.

"If the elevator is faulty I would guess that the owner would have to maintain it and get the items to fix it and keep it in a state of repair," said Riel.

As before, I reached out to the apartment landlord for an interview, but he declined. However, he insisted the elevator is fixed. I also reached out to the elevator repair company, Otis, who couldn't be reached for comment.

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