How Many Calories Are in Your Favorite Easter Candy?

By: Kristen Guilfoos Email
By: Kristen Guilfoos Email

Last year alone, Americans spent $2.1 billion on sugary concoctions for Easter. We're breaking down Easter by the numbers.

We'll start with what is perhaps the popular Easter basket staple - the chocolate bunny, of course.

That brings about the big taste debate: Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

65% of adults pick milk, while 27% say dark is the way to go.
Regardless of the flavor, nearly 90-million of them hit store shelves this year.

That's nothing, though, compared to how many peeps are being consumed. Think somewhere close to 700 million.

Most of them are yellow. The next most popular color is pink, followed by purple, blue and finally white.

You can't forget jelly beans. All those handfuls you sneak throughout the day add up to 16 billion of them being eaten every Easter.

Need perspective? Consider this... If all 16 billion were lined up, they could circle the globe nearly three times.

With all those overflowing baskets of the sweet stuff lurking around your house, do you know what kind of caloric damage you're in for?
Better yet, how about what you'll have to do to work off the fattening favorites?
Admittedly, you may not want to know the answer, but here goes nothing.

Those 4 peeps you snacked on? Lace up the running shoes, and jog for 25 minutes.

That Reese's Peanut Butter egg? 20 minutes worth of jumping jacks.

Only choose to chow down on that solid chocolate bunny if you're really ready to log some serious gym time. To burn off those 1100 calories, you'll have to play full court basketball for two hours.

Picking a hollow bunny is slightly better, but not much. You're still looking at a whopping 860 calories, which means swimming for an hour, running for 90 minutes. or biking for two hours.

If you're looking to knock out two birds with one stone, start Spring Cleaning to banish the calories.

Vigorous vacuuming, scrubbing and furniture moving can add up to around 450 calories an hour, so dig out those rubber gloves and get to work.

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