Gary's Barber Shop Makes the Cut - 50 years and Counting

Whether it's a quick trim or a close shave - there's a barber shop in town that's yet to be cut from our community. Gary's Barber Shop in Schofield has stood the test of time; proudly serving 50 years. And because of reaching that major milestone, some loyal customers are saying thank you for a job well done.

90-year-old John Kosobucki trusts his silver locks to no one but Gary Kleiber. He's been coming to Gary's Barber Shop since 1964. But on Monday, when John and his son, Gordon, walked through the doors - it wasn't for another haircut. This father and son wanted to pay tribute to Kleiber and presented him with a plaque commemorating his 50 years.

Gordon Kosobucki says, "It's just something we wanted to honor him. He's a great guy." Gordon went on to say, "In fact, Gary was the first person to cut my hair when I was in high school - other than the buzz jobs I used to get from my dad. (and he laughs)."

NewsChannel 7 took a trip down memory lane with Kleiber who can't believe he's just one of two barber shops left in the area. Kleiber says, "when I moved into the Wausau Area in 1964, there were 34 register barber shops... now we're down to 2."

The number of barber shops is not the only thing that's changed. Kleiber says he's watched hair styles cycle through years too. When he first started in Rothschild in 1964, Kleiber says short, flat top styles were popular. In the 1970's, long hair became all the rage. Not too many years later, it was back to short cuts. And now, he says he's noticed more young men going back to that "Beatles" inspired look. He jokes, "I hope I'm around to see the short hair come back into style again."

Another big change in 50 years... His prices. When Kleiber opened up shop in 1964, a hair cut would cost about $2.50. Now, he charges $10.

While many things have change, the one thing that hasn't is Kleiber's love for his customers. He says each and every one of them are special. There's nothing better than chatting, catching up on current events, and of course mulling over what the Packers need to do to be better.

Kleiber says he's surprised at how fast 50 years have went by. He says he has no plans on retiring as long as he remains in good health.

So if you're doing the math, you'll relies if Kleiber opened shop in 1964 it's not exactly 50 years; however, Kleiber say he got his start at a barber school in Chicago and worked there for a year before moving up to the Wausau Area.

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