Community Requests Ways to Help Victims of Alleged Contractor Fraud

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UPDATE: Thurs 5:49 PM, Mar 6, 2014

An account to help Jason and Miranda Grezenski make necessary repairs to their home has been created at Community First Bank.

Funds donated will be used to help finish a remodeling project the family says they paid a contractor $45,000 to do, but they say the contractor did not finish the work.

The Grezinskis shared their story with NewsChannel 7 on March 4. We've received numerous calls and emails from the public asking how they can help.

The family says when they hired Jason Napiwocki in July 2012, they originally wanted a wall and a garage, but he suggested more work.

An investigation by the Department of Trade and Consumer Protection resulted in criminal charges for Napiwocki.

Donations can be made at any Community First Bank location under the Grezenski Donation Fund.

ORIGINAL STORY: Tues 11:13 PM, Mar 4, 2014

Miranda and Jason Grezenski said when they hired Jason Napiwocki , they originally wanted a wall and a garage, but he suggested more work.

They said Napiwocki did work on their friends' homes and did a good job.

The Grezenskis also said they knew Napiwocki personally.

However, after paying out $45,200 for their home and nothing was resulting to it, they needed answers.

Now they need a home.

"This is the original stairwell," Jason Grezenski said. "There used to be railings all the way up."

Jason Grezenski walked up his unfinished steps Tuesday.

"That's the new edition part, the way it was left," Jason Grezenski said.

He, his wife, Miranda, and their three girls have been living in their unfinished home for 18 months after paying $45,200 to contractor Jason Napiwocki over the course of three months.

"His big thing was that he needed money for material up front, but he wasn't paying for it up front," the Grezenskis said.

They said Napiwocki told them the materials were on back order when they asked why it was taking so long to do the work.

The Grezenskis said when they called Felts Lumber Company, the materials were there, just not paid for.

"I just know there was a little scare right there," Jason Grezenski said.

So the Grezenskis asked for an itemized bill.
The criminal complaint said Napiwocki gave one. The Grezenskis said it didn't add up.

"One one day I came home and everything was gone," Miranda Grezenski said. "Everything was gone, and the house was trashed."

Miranda Grezenski said the original contract was gone off the fridge after Napiwocki left for the final time.

"There's junk everywhere constantly. This winter has been really bad. It's cold. Some days you wake up to 56 degrees, and when it's warm your roof leaks. You're constantly moving buckets."

Miranda and Jason Grezenski cleaned out their savings for the renovations and refinanced their mortgage.

"We just gotta muddle through this," Jason Grezenski said.

Now, they're barely getting by.

"We are stuck because we can't fix it. We don't have the money to fix it. We already paid for it," Miranda Grezenski said. "Where do we get the money again?"

Jason Grezenski is working overtime each week to help his family get caught up financially and finish the house work.

They've even had frost on their counters at times because of how poorly insulated and open their home is after the renovations.

But they said they won't give up.

"We can't (give up). We have to show our kids," the Grezenskis said. "We fight, and we have to show them that there is a justice system."

They said it's important to teach their kids values, even if they have little left, an unfinished home and a long road ahead.

"We thought we knew this person, and I guess we didn't," Jason Grezenski said.

The Grezenskis said Napiwocki told them the building inspector came a number of times, and when they called to confirm his presence, they found out he never saw their home.

They said the biggest lesson they learned was do your homework on contractors, it can happen to anyone.

NewsChannel 7 tried contacting Jason Napiwocki for comment Tuesday, and his phone was disconnected.

Editor's Note: Jason Napiwocki is in no way associated, and has never worked with Napiwocki builders in Stevens Point.


Article from March 3, 2014:

NewsChannel 7's Emily Davies reported on Jason Napiwocki's appearance in court on Monday, March 3, 2014. Her story is below on the charges filed.

A Portage County contractor is now charged with theft and numerous counts of fraud following an investigation by the Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection.

Court documents say in July 2012, Jason Napiwocki, 36, of Rosholt, quoted a project for $55,000 but months later requested an additional nearly $26,000 to finish.

Investigators say Napiwocki stated the project stalled because lumber was on back order, but the alleged victim said he called the lumber company only to learn the lumber was there, but still needed to be paid for.

The state agency said Napiwocki collected $45,000 and did not preform the work he was paid. Court documents went on to say only $5,000 was spent on the project.

He's free on a $5,000 dollar signature and will return to court next month.

Editor's Note: Jason Napiwocki is in no way associated, and has never worked with Napiwocki builders in Stevens Point.

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