Carl Follie Tells His Side of the Story

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Carl Follie wanted to send a message to the innocent families who were impacted when he opened fire last month. He has just now been released from jail on bond and he says he is speaking out so that members of the community can get his side of the story.

"I'm not some vigilante. I'm not licentious in any matter and I don't think I'm above the law." Follie said today in his exclusive interview with Newschannel 7.

Follie and his wife pulled into a gas station along Grand Avenue on March 23rd. After getting into an argument with a group of people who were blocking his parking space, Follie says it was a dispute he thought he could resolve easily.

"I poked my head out and I said could you guys please move." Follie said.

As Follie tells it, he and his wife left the Kwik Trip and were followed home. He says the group of people slammed on the brakes, exited the car, and pointed a gun. It was then that Follie says he saw no other option but to pull out his weapon and fire.

"The angle that we were faced at, the gun wasn't really pointed at me. It was pointed at my wife. At that point, that is when I went ahead and chose to fire." Follie said.

The shots Follie fired, which he claims were to protect his and his wife's lives, hit two houses as well as a vehicle windshield. He believes that he had no other option but to fire his gun that night, however he feels terrible knowing that the shots he fired could have hurt innocent people.

"It hurt me. I thought of their family and what if they did get hurt by all the stupidity." Follie said.

Follie is charged with multiple counts of recklessly endangering safety with a weapon. He will have a pre-trial conference Tuesday.

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