CONSUMER ALERT: Watch Out for New Virus That Empties Your Bank Account

By: Kristen Guilfoos Email
By: Kristen Guilfoos Email
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The Zeus computer virus first surfaced back in 2007, and now it's making a comeback, with a vengeance.

It targets you through Facebook, specifically in your message inbox.

The hackers send you messages, and make it look like they're from one of your friends. They say things like "amazing article - check this out" or "you're definitely going to find this interesting."

The problem is, once you click on that link, you've let the hackers in, and they've installed a program on your computer that lets them record your keystrokes.

They use that information to hack into your bank account the next time you log on.

There are several ways, though, to stop them from accessing your personal information and your money.

First, if something looks funny to you, don't click on the link.

Second, safeguard your bank account log-in process. Make sure your bank is using a double-guard mode, meaning you have to type in your password and answer a personal question or match a picture to your account. This makes it harder for the Zeus hackers to infiltrate your security settings.

Also, when choosing a personal question to answer, don't pick something that's easy to find, like your mother's maiden name.

If you think you've been hacked by Zeus, call your bank immediately.

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