Bike Patrol Popular with Local Residents

It is a Thursday afternoon in Wausau and police officers are just rolling out on patrol.

For officers Nick Stetzer and Jessica Hinz, there are a few more steps than normal in this daily ritual.
As other officers turn the key and go, they put on their helmets and ride.
Officer Stetzer says being an officer on a bike has its advantages.

"I have a good deal going on here. Its good exercise, I work on the tan a little bit and get to talk to a lot of people. " he says smiling.

While those may all be nice perks, there are far more important reasons why he and Community Safety Officer Hinz are out here. They are working hard to build strong bonds with the community.

"I think it is nice, compared to in a car, you can talk to so many more people and actually see what is going on in the community." Stetzer says.

Lt. Nathan Pekarske, who is in charge of the bike patrol program, says he and the rest of the community have been pleased with the success of the program.

"We have received a lot of positive feedback when groups of businesses or individual businesses in the area bring things to our attention. We have been able to put some time and attention into addressing them. " Pekarske says.

It becomes clear quite quickly that sometimes when it comes to patrolling downtown in the summer, two wheels might be better than four.

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