End of the Line

By: Paige Lambrecht
By: Paige Lambrecht

Tuesday's bus service marks the end of the line for the Greyhound terminal in Stevens Point and the end of Christy Thompson's 27-year career with Greyhound.

Christy loves working for Greyhound because of all different people she's met.

"And my husband! Yes, of course! We met at the bus station," she says.

She was a waitress for the Greyhound lunch counter, he was assistant manager when they met more than two decades ago. Now, Christy and her husband Jeff own the Point terminal.

"Our only daughter worked here, and our son Adam works here, and he (youngest son Gage) isn't going to get a chance to.”

While a lot of people aren't happy that the Greyhound terminal in Stevens Point is shutting down, some aren't letting it go without a fight. That includes the Thompson’s, who have appealed to Greyhound to maintain at least some level of service in the area.

It also includes Sister Leone Juszczyk, who along with several other sisters, has gathered 300 signatures for a petition and organized an upcoming meeting with city officials to discuss their options for keeping bus service.

Sister Leone says, "A good community really cares about its people, about those less fortunate than we are, so we think a good thing is worth fighting for. This Greyhound was always a good thing."

Sister Leone says affordable public transportation is the only way many senior citizens can get around.

The Thompson’s say Greyhound has always been very good to them and they understand it was a financial decision, but that won't stop them from fighting until the very end to keep busses rolling through Point.

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