Firework Safety and Your Pets

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

Just about everywhere you go at this time of year, there's a firework stand displaying the bright explosions that go hand in hand with the Fourth of July, but fireworks can be as dangerous as they are impressive.

"The first concern is fireworks are supervised by a responsible adult. Don't let your young children use them," said Capt. Doug Beula of the Wausau Fire Department.

Along with that advice, Beula says fireworks should be enjoyed away from any building and kept away from cars, and despite the wet weather we've been having, he says the threat of fire still exists, so be sure to extinguish fireworks in a bucket of water after they've been used.

And there's one other thing to consider when the fireworks are exploding this Fourth of July: your pet.

"The first thing they need to remember is that a dog's hearing is much more acute than ours, so sounds that don't bother us do bother them," said Judy Lombard of the Marathon County Humane Society.

Which means fireworks are terrifying to your pooch.

If you know there will be fireworks going on near your dog, Lombard says either stay with the animal while they're exploding or keep them in a cool, quiet place, like a basemen, and never use your own fireworks around your pets.

In fact, if your really want to see the most impressive displays of fireworks this Fourth of July, the Fire Department has this advice for you.

"If you really have a desire to see the big fireworks," says Beula, "Rather than purchase them yourself go to the park and see the ones that are put on by the professionals."

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