Kerry in Green Bay

John Nesbaum is a man who has voted for a Bush each time either the current president or his father have ran, but this year he says he'll be voting for the one candidate who demonstrates integrity.

"And who I believe will best lead our country in a time of war, Senator John Kerry,” said John Nesbaum, Republican who Supports Kerry.

The November presidential election may come down to swing voters, a group that votes both Republican and Democrat, and Senator Kerry was reaching out to those people Friday.

Kerry also tried laying down a plan for getting American troops out of Iraq. He says the best way to do that is re-establish diplomatic ties with other countries and have them share the burden of rebuilding the war-torn country.

"We deserve a president who understands that working with other nations and reaching out to the world is not a sign of weakness," said Kerry.

But Kerry didn't provide a timeline for ending the war in Iraq, only saying he hopes to have U.S. troops home as soon as possible.

Kerry also talked about having less dependence on Middle Eastern soil, something that may hit home for people tired of paying high gas prices, but these and other messages have not yet been enough to give Kerry any significant lead over President Bush in the polls.

So why then, hasn't Kerry taken a bigger lead over Mr. Bush? Many say it has to do with the lack of a clear message for Kerry's campaign.

Despite the president recently experiencing all-time low approval ratings, Senator Kerry has not significantly widened the gap between himself and the incumbent, but those at today's rally say Kerry is finally opening up.

"I felt that today, for the first time, that he was really defining what he stands for and what he's going to do and when he was here a few months ago I didn't feel that way," said Leah Abrahams.

"If they've thought that in the past, they must be changing now. I've had a clear message and I think we're getting what we want in this country," said Ed Rappe.

Those we talked with Friday, say they think that Kerry's approach will start helping his numbers very soon.

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