Fuel Price Fury

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

For some, the gas companies are to blame for the price hikes. Motorist Del Hayes says it's the fuel industry's greed that hikes up the prices every summer.

"Every year at this time, it's the same thing. Gas prices go up at this time every single year," said Del Hayes, an SUV owner.

Others, like Terry Oestreich blame politicians, more specifically, the Bush Administration.

"I don't think he's doing all he can do on this thing. I think all he can do will be done when it gets closer to the election," said Terry Oestreich.

There are those who are taking proactive approaches and reducing the amount of gas they use.

"My husband's actually biking to work and we're just running one car right now," said Krista Martinez, using less gas.

But using less fuel isn't an option for many drivers including those who drive for the food-delivery service 'Wausau To Go.'

Owner Jason Grogan says many in his industry have been forced to raise delivery charges, something 'Wausau To Go' hasn't done yet, but may have to do if the prices surpass $2.30 a gallon.

"Since our drivers do receive the delivery fee, increasing that a quarter would directly go to them," said Grogan.

Despite the record-high prices, fuel costs are not expected to hold people back from driving Memorial Day weekend. AAA says they expect to see five percent increase in drivers on roads in the Great Lakes region over the holiday.

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