"Breaking" a Record

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

At a small shop next to the big lots store in Schofield, martial arts experts both young and old were chopping, kicking and blasting their way through hundreds of pieces of wood.

"It's not too difficult, all you have to do is break through the board. If it's a hard board you get someone else to do it who's a lot stronger," said Rhoda Ko, Martial Artist from Marathon City.

If all goes well, the group will help other martial arts academies across the nation break more than 73,000 blocks of wood.

And the choppers in Schofield don't seem to think they'll have any trouble doing that.

"Just go through the board and hit it as hard as you can," said Chase Kasmerchak, Martial Artist.

All the academies participating in Saturday's attempt at the record are part of Youth Action, a group that promotes activities for youth in order to keep them away from gangs, drugs and other dangerous choices.

These kids are learning an activity that will keep them in shape and teach them to defend themselves.

"We're doing this, we got a lot of people helping out which is tremendous, we get to smash boards. I don't think anybody can have more fun than that," said Pat Malone, Martial Arts America.

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