Passion Over "The Passion Of The Christ"

By: Paige Lambrecht
By: Paige Lambrecht

Not often is a movie so controversial for so many reasons. Graphic violence, claims of anti-Semitism and disputes over how appropriate the film is for children. Now, a group of local church leaders will get to decide for themselves after seeing the movie Wednesday morning in Merrill.

After the lights came on and people began exiting the theater, there were several varying opinions. Some loved the movie, some didn't, but everyone agreed it was a very powerful film.

Two clergy members we talked to said they thought the violence was too much and they wouldn't recommend the movie, but the majority of the audience said they felt the brutality was necessary to tell the story.

Pastor Timothy Roser is with St. Paul Lutheran in Junction City.

"There were a few scenes that may have been slightly overdone. The rest of it I would say is fairly accurate because crucifixion was extremely brutal.”

When asked how appropriate this film is for children nearly everyone agreed no one under 12 should see it, but teenagers should be encouraged to go.

Ella Holmes is the youth director at St. Mark's in Wausau. She says, "Parents, bring your kids to this. This is moving, this is important, and it gives us a whole new vision of the crucifixion and resurrection.”

Love it or hate it. The one emotion The Passion Of The Christ is causing in those who see it is passion. We also spoke with Wausau Rabbi Dan Danson about claims by some that the film is anti-Semitic. He tells Newschannel Seven he has seen the movie, and doesn't think it singles out Jews as being to blame for Christ's death.

Danson adds it's not a pleasant experience, but he hopes it will spark some important discussions about violence.

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