Candidates Stop in Wausau

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

One day after President Bush made an appearance at the Daytona 500 his leading contender was in Wausau making a pitch to Wisconsin's NASCAR dads.

"We don't need a president who just says, 'gentleman start your engines,' we need a president who says 'let's start our economy and put people back to work," said Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry.

Kerry plans to create and keep jobs in America by building a level playing field in the international job market, along with providing affordable health care for all Americans and spending more money on education.

Kerry also says he will reduce America's role in Iraq and help protect our soldiers who are there.

"If I'm president I will get the target off of them as fast as I can," said Kerry.

John Edwards is planning on avoiding a loss to Kerry with promises of lifting impoverished families out of hard times, providing health care for all Americans and bringing jobs back.

"And I will fight with everything I've got to protect jobs and create jobs in Wisconsin," said Edwards.

John Edwards' campaign got a boost with an endorsement from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Edwards says he still has a shot at winning the nomination, and while that outcome is not likely, if he does win, the Carolina senator is considering Gov. Jim Doyle as a running mate.

"Absolutely, Gov. Doyle's a wonderful leader, someone I have enormous respect for," said Edwards.

The other big news of the day came from the Howard Dean campaign. Dean's national campaign chairman is leaving his team.

The former Vermont governor is not saying why his chairman left and doesn't feel that his departure will hurt his chances of winning Tuesday.

"What's next is we hopefully win Wisconsin tomorrow," Dean said. "We're doing really well here, we've worked really hard and I think we're gonna do well enough to keep going."

Dean, the only candidate who took his campaign to central Wisconsin twice, stayed with the same approach he had last week in Stevens Point, emphasizing how he is the only candidate with policies that differ greatly from President Bush's.

"They’ve repeatedly shown they want somebody who's gonna stand up to special interests in Washington," said Dean. "I’m the only person is this campaign who's gonna do that."

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