Presidential Primary Preview

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

When the candidates vying for this year's democratic nomination start talking jobs, it's likely people here will listen.

"You talk to people all across this country and their wages are not going up," said Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry, "the stock market may be going up, but most Americans have gone backwards in their income."

Kerry's plan to create jobs is similar to his democratic rivals give companies incentive to hire by offering them tax credits for creating manufacturing jobs. Kerry would also invest in energy industries and work to stop layoffs in education.

Keeping big business accountable for job growth by way of tax incentives is also popular with John Edwards who questions the balance of wealth in today's America.

"Over the last 30 years, working people's pay in America has gone up about 10 percent, while CEO's pay gone up 3,000 percent," said Edwards, "what is wrong with this picture? This is not the America you and I believe in."

Edwards would offer a 10 percent tax credit to companies that keep their jobs in the United States. He would also offer venture capital funds to areas that have been hit hardest by job loss.

Another issue that Edwards ties in to tax credits is health care. The Carolina politician would use $25 billion in tax credits to help low-income families afford health insurance.

While Howard Dean's job plan echoes many of the same sentiments of his democratic rivals, his health insurance plan sets him apart. He is promising health care for everyone in the country under the age of 25. It's something Dean says could have been done with the $87 billion the president has spent on rebuilding Iraq and something he nearly accomplished as governor of Vermont.

"I wanna mention that we have healthcare for 99 percent of all our kids under the age of 18, we have prescription benefits for a third of all our seniors and disabled people and all our moderate income, working people have health insurance," said Dean.

It's a program similar to the ones that most federal employees receive and similar to the health care plan of Kerry who is suggesting coverage that closely resembles the plans that most senators and congressmen have.

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