Presidential Preview

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

There are many ways to stop a terrorist from striking. The two basic methods are catch the perpetrator after they have made the decision to strike or stop them from becoming a terrorist in the first place.

Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean favors the latter option, and he plans to do so through diplomacy.

"I will restore the honor, the respect and the dignity that this country deserves, around the rest of the world by having a foreign policy based on cooperation and not just confrontation," said Democratic Presidential Candidate Howard Dean.

In Iraq, Dean would turn to a Nato-led coalition to continue what the United States is doing there now. He expects it will take about two years before a complete transition to democracy is made there and says troops may need to stay even longer to assure that process is complete.

As far as protecting the homeland, Dean proposes spending $5 billion to beef up security in America, something democratic front runner John Kerry agrees should be taken care of before turning to foreign projects.

"Two-thirds of the firehouses in the United States are understaffed, 50 percent of the firefighters in our country don't have the communications equipment they're supposed to have. We should not be opening firehouses in Baghdad and shutting them down in the U.S. of America," said Kerry.

On the issue of Iraq, John Edwards sides with dean, saying the development and maintenance of democracy there should be done with an international coalition.

On homeland security, Edwards emphasizes his primary campaign platform bringing jobs back to America.

"One of the things I keep hearing from this president is providing for American security, well in my mind providing security for America also means securing America's jobs, right here at home," said Edwards.

In addition to increased screening technology at America's ports, Edwards is also calling for an office of individual liberties to help protect the rights of Americans from becoming additional casualties in the War on Terror.

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