Cold Case

By: Paige Lambrecht
By: Paige Lambrecht

Retired Weston Police Chief Christy Scheel was a young patrolman on April 11, 1962 when a call came in about a dead body.

"Being one of the closest officers to the scene, they asked if I would come out and check out the report.”

Monday C.J.'s Bar stands on Schofield Avenue in Weston. In 1962 Schofield Avenue was Highway 29 and the bar was called the Rav-nn Inn. Its owner was Steve Kolokowski.

Around midnight on April 10, 1962 Kolokowski was sitting in his locked up tavern going over the bar's finances. That's when a bullet from a 22-caliber rifle shattered a window and struck him in the head.

But Kolokowski didn't die right away. After being shot in the head, he managed to cross the highway, before collapsing on the side of the road.

Scheel says, “And that's where I found him on the north side of Highway 29.”

Kolokowski had collapsed in the ditch in front of St. Agnes Church. He eventually died from loss of blood leaving behind an ex-wife and three daughters.

The investigation stalled quickly. Police never found the murder weapon, never arrested a suspect and never figured out a motive since no valuables were taken.

Forty-two years later the case has fallen into detective Dennis Halkoski's hands at the Everest Metro Police Department.

Halkoski says they have very little to go on and have gone through several different suspects, but recently they did get some fresh leads.

"I do have another suspect that's come to light, that I'm doing some checking on right now, that wasn't investigated in the past.”

Halkoski says investigating a murder that happened so long ago is frustrating, but all he has to do is think of Kolokowski's three surviving daughters.

"It's still painful for them 42 years later. They lost their father and they don't have any explanation either and they want some closure to this.”

However, Halkoski admits that bringing closure to the family won't be easy as new evidence is not likely to surface. Investigators’ best hope is that 42 years later, someone will come forward to help ease the pain of three daughters whose father was taken from them far too soon.

If you have any information on the murder of Steve Kolokoski, please call the Everest Metro Police Department at (715) 359-4202.

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