Kramer Trial Will Affect Local Sheriff's Departments

By: Paige Lambrecht
By: Paige Lambrecht

Last March, Adams County Deputy Michael Shannon was shot to death while on duty. Thomas Kramer is accused of pulling the trigger. Ten months later the start of Kramer's trial has caused a staffing shortage at the Wood County Sheriff's Department.

"It's going to mean a number of people from our agency will have their priority for the next week plus on that trial,” says Sheriff Kurt Heuer.

Several officers that were on the scene last March will be asked to make the trip to Adams County to testify, and officers left behind will be asked to work double shifts to cover the workload.

Sgt. David Ryun is one of those subpoenaed for trial.

"I'm the training sergeant for the Sheriff's Department. I'm the only one that does this job so what I do won't get done until I come back," says Sgt. Ryun.

Sheriff Heuer says many projects will be put on hold until after the trial when they're back to full staff, but even though every person with the sheriff's department will be working long hours for the next few weeks, they all say they're happy to be helping out.

"No question about it. We can't let crimes like this go unpunished and all of us are more than willing to go down and do our part," says Ryun.

Sheriff Heuer adds, "But it's what we do. This is a very important case. We had a lot of people involved in this investigation, the follow-up of the tragedy with Mike, and that's our commitment. We'll be there.”

Adams and Juneau Counties are dealing with similar problems, but the DA and Defense Attorney said they'll work cut down the number of officers needed at trial.

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