Mars Mission

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

When Kennedy said America would go to the moon, some thought it was possible, some far-fetched, and to others it simply sounded outlandish, but it happened.

"And the people looked back and the people became excited," said Sharon Ryan, Wausau Youth Ambassador, Wausau, "and we thought, 'hey, if got the moon, what else is there?"

Well, there's putting a space station on the moon and sending a mission to Mars with humans on board, and now the Bush administration is expected to make an announcement that NASA will be attempting to do both.

"All kinds of spin offs can come from something like this and that's what's exciting about going to Mars," said Ryan.

Space exploration has given humans numerous life saving devices such as smoke detectors, heart monitors and MRI technology, and experts are saying it is possible.

"If we put unlimited funds in we could be there in eight years," said Wausau West Planetarium Director Chris Janssen. "So, it's very feasible, we've got all the technology, all the designs, NASA has the launch vehicle, we just need the funding at this point."

And Janssen says the funding is a major issue.

He believes the $800 million additional being added to the space program each year, will not be enough to complete the missions, and that's not even including the physical and emotional dangers astronauts would risk.

But that aside, most exerts agree that at least making the attempt is absolutely necessary.

"We're humans," said Janssen, "we should be out doing what we're supposed to do, exploring."

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