Dean and Doyle on Mad Cow

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

Howard Dean is speaking out on how he thinks future mad cow scares could be controlled in the United States.

The democratic presidential candidate says a better tracking system is needed so that cows that appear to be healthy, but have been in contact with sick animals can be quickly found.

"What we need is a tracing system," said Dean, "so that the contacts of the cows can be immediately identified and we don't have to have an export shutdown."

Dean says the system would be similar to the one currently up and running in Japan.

The drawback is that it would add three cents per pound of hamburger, but Dean says that would be far less than what the bans by other countries of U.S. beef have cost the industry.

In Wisconsin, Governor Jim Doyle agrees with Dean that the federal government needs to do more to help farmers avoid another mad cow scare.

"And to assure that our beef industry is secure, that the food is secure, this is very important to Wisconsin," said Doyle. "We're in close touch with federal officials and we'll continue to be."

Mad cow is continuing to affect America's beef market. In Australia today, about 350 cows were destroyed due to the fact that they were imported from the U.S.

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