Job Forecast for 2004: Looking Good

By: Bill Martens
By: Bill Martens

If you have a good job, you probably know how lucky you are. The last couple of years have been difficult, to say the least, for job seekers, making Wausau's Job Center a popular place.

Kathy Combs of Schofield knows all about that.

"It's real tough," she says. "It's real tough, and it seems no matter how many times you come here, it's the same. There's never anything different. It's all the same. There's not much change for jobs."

A lot of people will tell you finding a job these days can be a difficult and rather frustrating experience, but experts say brighter days may lie just ahead.

"Certainly in the Wausau metropolitan area, with the addition of the new hospital built in Weston, the new clinic that's also being built in Weston, they're going to need a lot of people to staff those facilities."

Experts say strong economic growth and a rise in business confidence are big reasons for 2004's positive outlook. They say the unemployment rate could drop to 5.5 percent by November, far better than last summer's 6.4 percent, and that's encouraging to some, not only to have a job, but it'll keep them from having to move.

"I would prefer it in the area," Combs says. "I do have family; I don't want anything that I have to travel for. Definitely want something in the area if I could."

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