Dean in Wisconsin

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

In elections, image means a lot. That's why the global image of America is one of the first things democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean says he will repair.

"I will restore the honor, the dignity and the respect that this country deserves around the rest of the world," said Democratic Presidential Hopeful Howard Dean, "by having a foreign policy based on cooperation and not just confrontation."

Cooperation is his strong point, says Dean, who feels he can appeal to both democrats and republicans, and one sure way to do that is create jobs. Iraq, schools, balancing the budget, all will be major issues in the upcoming presidential election, but both Dean and Gov. Jim Doyle agree jobs will be the key issue.

Dean attacked Pres. Bush's tax cuts saying they have failed and are another example of the president coddling corporate CEOs.

"The president is obsessed with corporations and he's forgotten ordinary people," said Dean, "and that's why I'm running this campaign, because the Constitution says power resides in ordinary people."

But Dean has been taking hits from more than republicans. Those within his party have also attacked his record.

Even Gov. Doyle, who says he does support many of dean's ideas, is not yet ready to endorse him for president. However, Doyle will say he believes Dean will win the democratic nomination.

"There's no doubt," said Doyle, "and I think all the polls show if this was held today, Howard Dean would win the primary."

Dean's also taken heat for his stance on Iraq. He was adamantly against conflict since the war there began and now many feel Saddam Hussein's capture will hurt him, but Dean says that's not true, because he feels Saddam was never a threat.

"The problem is Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda," said Dean. "Those are the guys we gotta stop and we gotta catch."

Along with terror, dean also believes he can solve the nation's budget deficit problem, something he effectively did for the state of Vermont as governor and can do for the country, if only given the chance.

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