Ancient Artifacts Discovered

It started as a routine archeological dig, but it's turning into much more. A plot of land near Cedar Creek Mall is now the focus of an excavation that's revealing dozens of interesting artifacts.

A Bald Eagle is perched high above this excavation sight. The archaeologists are calling it a good luck sign and it seems to be working. Plans to build a bridge on the site with federal money required an exploratory dig. That dig turned up a treasure trove of Native American stone artifacts that were once used as tools, but these workers say what's even more exciting is the discovery of some very rare copper pieces.

"The area is not completely well understood, so finding something that's this discreet and this intense is kind of exciting."

The archaeologists use many different clues from the site to date the artifacts they find. One such clue is darker soil. It's a man-made fire pit from around 500 A.D.

Researchers will be able to learn about more than one ancient civilization. Within this small plot of land they've found artifacts from several different centuries.

"You look at it and think of it from a Native American perspective, it's a pretty good spot. You're close to water, you're up on flat ground and people probably came here over and over, over thousands of years."

And after being buried for centuries, thousands of years of history are now unearthed.

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