Pedophile Profile

A profile of a pedophile is extremely vague. They can be any age, race, or sex, and each pedophile has their own preference of victim.

Former F.B.I. agent Tom Burg has some tips a parent can use to make sure their own child is not in danger.

Typically, a pedophile will get a job where they can work closely with children.

They can be very patient, gaining the trust of both the child and their parents before they attack. And they will use any technique to attract children, including games, toys, and even puppies.

Burg says parents need to be aware of where their children are and whom they play with.

If they are always at a neighbors house, or with an older child, parents should question what interest that person has in their child.

Parents should be aware of any dramatic mood shifts in their child, and they should talk with them about private parts and someone violating their privacy.

Burg says pedophiles are smart and cautious, so parents need to keep their eyes open. And if parents suspect anything they should go to the police.

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